Sunday, July 17, 2011


We were at the beach when a commotion startled us to our left... We looked to see a man grabbing at his throat like he can't breath..his wife runs to the lifeguard chair asking for help...another woman tells him to lie back in his chair..within seconds he stops moving and his face turns dark grey..he is dead. The lifeguards come running and pull him off his chair on to the sand by his legs. They immediately start CPR and a lady comes over and immediately starts pounding on his chest..she is an ER nurse. Within minutes, police come running onto the sand followed by Paramedics, but they can't get an ambulance on the sand because you can't drive on the beach. The Paramedics place the man on a stretcher with a Defibrilator attached to it. You can see his body jump but no pulse. Every minute, as they continue to work on him, his body jumps in response to the electrical shocks he is receiving but still no pulse. Eventually they manage to get a beach vehicle on to the sand and get him loaded onto it in the back. As they drive away you can still see the paramedics working on him but the mood is very dim with the remaining swimmers and beach onlookers' faces in horror over what we've just witnessed. A woman faints as another tells us that he has had 7 heart bi-pass operations and can't get another. As his loved-ones leave the beach, everyone else appears to try and get back to some sort of normal activity, but the mood is not good as we all know the outcome of this event. About an hour later, the lifeguard who originally started the CPR is back at his chair. We asked him what became of the man. He told us that his heart has started beating but it is irregular. He was lifted by Helicopter to a hospital in Atlantic City where he remains in critical condition. Since yesterday, he has been moved from Critical Care to Stable and is on the road to recovery. What an incredible story with a happy ending. Everyone from the bystanding nurse,the lifeguards, paramedics, police to the helicopter pilot all deserve kudos for what they have done for this man.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Have you heard the government's thoughts of increasing down payment requirements for mortgages? I don't believe it will ever happen. They attempted to stimulate the economy last year with a 1st time homebuyer tax credit of $ 8,000. That worked for the first three months of 2010, only to see a sharp decrease in sales immediately following the end of this tax incentive. Some stimulation! Now, they're thinking of increasing the required down payment for qualifying for a mortgage? This bill will never pass! Since the housing market is a huge chunk of our GDP, and since it spurs increases in the auto industry and retail sales, we need to continue to sell more houses and not stop them from being sold. This would only prove to decrease the number of overall home sales. There's no way this will ever go through. It will kill our already fragile economy. Home sales will slow to a crawl, home values will plummet and foreclosures will double already historic highs. Rest easy....there's no way this will ever happen!